Boots and Scrapbooks

I’ve started three blogs now.

The first was when I was about 18, and convinced I knew more about literature than anyone in the world. It was called ‘Literary Devilish’ and thankfully not a trace survives. Mostly it was posts going absolutely mental at Andrew Motion for writing another shit poem. Talk about fish and barrels.

The second is still around, although it didn’t last very long. Terran4Life was the product of a Starcraft II obsession, where I discovered it was difficult to keep on coming up with entertaining things to say about a fictional army. I stopped updating it soon after starting, an ignominious though typical end.

So Lucky Number Three! I’m a videogame journalist and have been for years. Had to clean out an airing cupboard recently, which was jammed with old magazines – most of which contained at least one article I’d written. There were three 1-metre high piles. So it had to be done, and I’m still in the process of cutting out pages and sticking them in what is basically a scrapbook.

I felt this was rather egotastic, but it was either that or throw away the only copies of the transient work I’ve done. Everyone likes to imagine a fabled old age looking back through mementos with the ones they love, and there’s no harm in a bit of optimism.

My online presence is nonexistent. Yet all I do these days is write for websites! So, along similar lines to the scrapbook, this is where I’m going to collect everything, linking to articles and writing a little on the side.

Boot of Justice is a term that a great man, Martin Davies, and I tend to use when in each other’s company. It refers to that rare game that isn’t just bad, but offensively so – the very notion that some innocent punter or (even worse) a kiddie’s parents might hand over the cash makes you want to start a bloody revolution. On such occasions it behoves the critic to really lay it on the line for readers. And so you bring out the boot of justice. I don’t use it because I think it’s cool to rag on games, or I’m overly pessimistic about the industry, or nonsense like that – but I love the way it sounds. Reassuring.

No promises, but it’s always ready for action.


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