I’m Rich Stanton, I write about videogames and could have been a contender.

I started on Edge magazine, eventually becoming features editor before going freelance many years ago. Since then I’ve done much work for Eurogamer.net, my fave gaming site, and have been lucky enough to get my nose into places like the Guardian, IGN and PC Gamer.

This place will link to articles I’ve written and host stuff that has no other home.

Here’s my author page on Eurogamer. The best article has very little to do with me, it’s a story I stumbled upon about the studio Free Radical and how they were brought down by some truly evil industry folk, Free Radical Vs. The Monsters. But if you’re sick of the whole ‘Are Games Art’ debate then check out Who Framed Roger Ebert and if you want to know why Dark Souls is the boss of Skyrim then might I recommend Telling Tales. I did a lot of work for Edge I’m really proud of but… y’know. Omerta.

If you want to get in touch, the best method is probably Twitter, where I am @richstanton.


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