Let’s visit Capcom HQ!

Video games, eh?

It’s good to remind ourselves why we love them. And so I thought it would be nice to share some photos I took while visiting the Osaka HQ of Capcom. This company is one of my all-time favourite developers, responsible for more great games than almost any other thirdparty, and I was lucky enough to go there during the development of Resident Evil 6.

I’ll separate out the photos of Resi 6 concept art and put them in a different post, for convenience’s sake. Here we’ll get a look at the building, the devs, and the most awesome merchandise room in the world.

It may look nondescript, but this… this is a MAGIC FACTORY
Capcom’s front door!!! I know!!! XD
This was the Resi 6 development floor. Look at them beavering away.
Another shot of the devs – at the back, you can see a reference mannequin for the BSAA troops
They actually have the Resi typewriter!
I’m giving you another angle on this sweetass setup, because I know you want it

OK. Those of you with no patience for toys had better beat it. Here comes the good shit. 

A Fryuit machine?
You KNOW you want to insert a coin in this bad boy
OK, loads of games. we get it Capcom. SHOW US THE TOYS
I hate this meme, but sometimes you’ve just got to say shut up and take my money
Yep. Dante, DMC3-style. They’ll never better him.
DMC3’s Virgil. He knows Dante’s the boss. Loser!
What the hell, why not let Virgil share the spotlight for a moment.
How could you say no to such an attractive salesperson?
Stop the world: Capcom have invented this.
If you don’t realise why this shit is awesome, you don’t dig Monster Hunter. Get orf moi land!
Monster Hunter Kitchen?!? I’ll drink to that!
Your eyes do NOT deceive you, fucking GOLD AND SILVER MEGA MAN!

Hope you enjoyed them! I’ll whack up the Resi art soon enough, keep an eye on the old twitter.